43 Trails in Vernon, British Columbia

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Beaver Basher (Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park) 0.5 Vernon
Becker Park Intermediate 4.0 **** vernon
Beowulf (Silver Star Resort) 18.7 Vernon
Blisters (Ellison Park) 0.3 Vernon
Blisters Sister (Ellison Park) Intermediate 2.0 **** Vernon
Blue-Orange Connector (Mount Rose-Swanson Trails) 0.23 Armstrong
BX Creek (Silver Star Resort) 1.7 Vernon
Cairn Trail (Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park) 0.3 Coldstream
Chakra (Silver Star Resort) 1.6 Vernon
Connector (Ellison Park) 0.1 Vernon
Corkscrew (Silver Star Resort) 1.3 Vernon
Corral Trail (Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park) 1.5 Vernon
Cosens Creek Mountain Bike Area (Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park) 9.0 Vernon
Crack of Dawn (Silver Star Resort) 0.8 Vernon
Deez Nutz (Ellison Park) 0.3 Vernon
Ellison Connector (Predator Ridge) 1.9 Vernon
Ellison DH Climb (Ellison Park) 1.4 Vernon
Ellison Park Advanced 6.0 ***** Vernon
Evely Park Trail 2.0 Vernon
Fintry Provincial Park and Protected Area 0.0 Kelowna
Glenmore Intermediate 13.0 *** Kelowna
Granite Trail (Predator Ridge) 2.29 Vernon
Green Trail (Mount Rose-Swanson Trails) 0.25 Armstrong
Grizzly Adams (Silver Star Resort) 0.46 Vernon
Homerun (Ellison Park) 0.51 Vernon
Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park Advanced 7.0 ***** Vernon
Little Moab (Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park) 0.26 Vernon
Lookout Trail (Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park) 1.81 Vernon
Lower Veedol (Ellison Park) 0.76 Vernon
Mcdougal Rim Intermediate 18.0 ***** Kelowna
Mount Rose-Swanson Trails 5.6 Armstrong
Okanagan Rail Trail Easiest 36.0 ***** Vernon
Overview Trail (Mount Rose-Swanson Trails) 0.1 Armstrong
Purple Trail (Mount Rose-Swanson Trails) 0.9 Armstrong
Raven Loop (Ellison Park) 0.0 Vernon
RPM (Ellison Park) 1.0 Vernon
RPM - Home Run Connector (Ellison Park) 0.1 Vernon
Silver Star Provincial Park Intermediate 0.0 ***** Vernon
Silver Star Resort 50.0 Vernon
Space Between (Ellison Park) 1.0 Vernon
Typical Situation (Ellison Park) 1.0 Vernon
Upper Veedol (Ellison Park) 1.0 Vernon
You and Me (Ellison Park) 2.0 Vernon