1,207 Trails in Washington

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Bluff to Beach (B2B) (Miller Peninsula State Park) 3.38 Sequim
Bluff Trail #24 2.12 Randle
Bluff Trail Cutoff (Miller Peninsula State Park) 0.37 Sequim
BMX Track (White Salmon Mountain Bike Park) 0.19 White Salmon
BNSF Rail Trail (Japanese Gulch) 0.94 Everett
Board Walks (Lord Hill Regional Park) 0.37 Snohomish
Bob's (Galbraith Mountain) 0.5 Bellingham
Bobsled (Port Gamble / Stottelmeyer) 0.7 Port Gamble
Bobsled (Tokul – West) 0.47 Fall City
Bogachiel Rain Forest Trail #825 Advanced 3.0 ** Forks
Boiling Lake Trail #1259A 1.08 Twisp
Bonbon (Tokul – West) 0.49 Fall City
Bone Trail (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.99 Sammamish
Boot Camp (Duthie Hill) 0.86 Issaquah
Bootdryer (Galbraith Mountain) 0.62 Bellingham
Bottle opener (Galbraith Mountain) 0.65 Bellingham
Bottoms Up (Galbraith Mountain) 0.48 Bellingham
Boulder De Roux Trail #1392 4.66 Cle Elum
Boundary Trail (Dash Point State Park) 0.8 Tacoma
Boundary Trail #1 (NF 99 to NF 25) 5.4 Randle
Boundary Trail #1 (Quartz Creek Trail to FR 23) 11.6 Randle
BR-0611 (Walker Valley ORV Complex) 0.71 Mount Vernon
Brain Bucket (Lake Sawyer) 1.06 Maple Valley
Brain Wave (Lake Sawyer) 0.45 Maple Valley
Braking Bad (Swan Creek) 0.55 Tacoma
Brer Rabbit (Galbraith Mountain) 0.31 Bellingham
Bridge Trail (Beacon Rock State Park) 0.53 Camas
British Army Trail (Blanchard State Forest) 1.06 Bellingham
Brown Dog (Galbraith Mountain) 0.33 Bellingham
Buck Creek Trail (Nestor 26) 3.25 White Salmon
Buck Creek Trail #1169 0.34 Greenwater
Buck Mountain Intermediate 6.8 ***** Winthrop
Bud Blancher trail 3.0 Eatonville
Bumpy Monkey (Dockton Park MTB Trail System) 0.27 Maury Island
Burnout (Chuckanuts) 3.0 Bow
Butte Creek Trail #1440 2.16 Plain
Bypass (Tokul – West) 0.04 Fall City
Cabin (Galbraith Mountain) 0.46 Bellingham
Cady Pass Trail #475 10.0 Winthrop
Camano Is. State Park Intermediate 3.0 *** Camao Is.
Camino Espinosa (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.43 Sammamish
Camp Creek Mine Trail 1208.1 2.18 Cle Elum
Camp Creek Trail #1208 1.42 Cle Elum
Candy (Galbraith Mountain) 0.75 Bellingham
Candy Extension (Galbraith Mountain) 0.2 Bellingham
Canfield Gulch (Antoine Peak Conservation Area) 3.71 Spokane Valley
Canyon Ridge Trail 10.1 Glacier
Capitol Forest Intermediate 75.0 **** Olympia
Carbon River Road 5 Carbonado
Carter Creek Trail (South Fork Snoqualmie Riding Area) 2.26 North Bend