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      Hi folks. First time poster.


      Looking at full sus bikes, and considering used ones for price reasons.

      Someone close to me is selling a rocky mountain thunderbolt BC edition. It’s a 2015 and still looks modern. Found a glowing review by John fisch on this site, and I can’t help wondering how it would stand up to modern bikes of the same price  (12-1500 pound). Another bike I’ve looked at over the years is the Whyte t130. Every version has smashed the reviews, and now the 2018/19 versions are in my budget.


      Question is, bikes like this, that still look modern (albeit less aggro than modern trail bikes), do they still ride well? They look less like monster trucks which is good for me.. but how would they compare in a head to head with a 1200 pound new mtb from today?


      The kind of riding I care about is long days over whatever terrain is in the way. Mountains, single-track, rocks, roots, groomed or natural trails. I love long climbs, amazing views, and then dropping the seat and riding it like a bmx on the way down. Plus I live in the UK so has to cope with mud.

      Can a 5/10 year old bike with “modern” standards (boost, through axles, tapered steerer for example) still cut it. Can that thunderbolt or t130 be the one bike to ride on all rides?


      I’d love opinions from riders with experience of older vs modern. Id love John fisch to comment if he had an opinion.

      <p style=”text-align: right;”>Cheers.</p>

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      Yes.  As long it has the components and geometry you like, it’s a no-brainer.

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