The New Attack VPL from Vee Tire Co. is a Gravity Tire for Hard, Packed, and Loose Conditions

Photos courtesy of Vee Tire Co

Vee Tire Co has a new tire out today, the Attack HPL, an abbreviation for Hard, Pack, Loose and the tread is intended to take on all of those conditions.

Vee says that they have been testing the tire with their professional athletes on the World Cup circuit and at Freeride Fiesta.

Vee is making the HPL in 29″ and 27.5″ with a 2.5″ width only. The HPL is tubeless-ready and available in two different casings, a single-ply Enduro Core or two-ply Gravity Core.

For the compound, Vee is using their 42a Top 40 rubber for “limitless grip and control on a variety of surfaces.” The sticky downhill Vee Snap WCE tire we checked out in 2019 also used this compound.

“For the tread design, our engineers worked closely with Vee riders and agreed upon a central block tread with ramps for a lower rolling resistance yet tremendous braking capabilities. The side knobs sit parallel and feature sipes for consistent levels of grip even when leaning into corners at speed, and our tough construction means the HPL won’t squirm even when ridden on the limit.”

The Attack HPL is on sale now through the Vee website.