Legendary Mountain Bike Trail Builder Tony Boone [Podcast #276]

Tony Boone has been building mountain bike trails for more than 30 years, and literally helped write the book on the subject, contributing to IMBA’s Guides to Building Sweet Singletrack and Providing Great Riding. He established the first bike patrol in Colorado in 1989 and has been an active member of the Professional Trail Builders Association since 1995.

Tony talks about the trail building and mountain bike scene in China, what it’s like to work as a government land manager, and the projects he’s most proud of.

In this interview we also ask:

  • What are some of the most common mistakes new trail builders make?
  • How do concepts like sustainability and stewardship fit into recreational trail building?
  • How do the early trails you built compare to the ones you’re involved in creating today?
  • Can trail builders benefit from a more formal education?

To connect with Tony, or to learn more about his work and the studies mentioned in this episode, choose from the following links.

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