A Mountain Bike Raffle That Benefits More Than Just Bikers

There’s nothing new about using mountain bike raffles to get trails built and maintained. Red Knot Racing, based in Tanzania, is doing things a little differently.

The organization, in conjunction with the Specialized Soil Searching non-profit, is currently raffling off one of just 15 limited-edition Specialized Enduro bikes with 100% of the proceeds equally benefiting both trail building and conservation projects and agriculture and livestock assistance to small farmers in Tanzania.

Red Knot Racing shares one farmer’s story as an example of how agricultural education can make a huge difference.

“Four years ago Isaka changed his farming methods as a result of Red Knot Development’s education-based agricultural initiatives. Using only resources readily available to them, Isaka and his family invested deeply in their soil and today harvest more than 700% of their previous maize yields.”

Mountain bikers and farmers agree: The dirt on the left is better for farming and shredding!

Raffle tickets can be purchased online for $5 through February 7. Each raffle ticket sold is said to support a half day of agricultural training for one farmer and builds 5 meters of trail.

The winner will be announced at the Kilimanjaro Trails Festival and the bike can be shipped anywhere in the world at no charge. Learn more and purchase you ticket(s) here.

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